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Why Do You Need A locksmith Service on Moving Day?

Moving house? You have so many things to do that sometimes even the most important things are forgotten.

Don’t forget to put your locksmith down on your checklist, because he will be playing a big role when it comes to the security of your new home.

In fact, your locksmith should appear in multiple parts of your moving checklist – before, during and after the move.

Why You Need Your Locksmith Before the Move?

If possible, schedule with your locksmith to come and assess your new home before you move in. You have probably already looked around and thought about the security system you want to implement in the house, but it is always better to have an extra pair of eyes look over the property, especially when they are a professional’s eyes.

Discuss your security needs and wants with your locksmith, especially if you are interested in more than just rekeying or changing the locks in your new home. If you are thinking of installing an alarm system or a closed-circuit television camera system your locksmith will take a look around and advise you on the best places to situate the cameras.

Your locksmith can take the opportunity to check the safety of the doors and windows in your new home along with their security.

You don’t know who has a copy of the keys to your new home, so changing your locks as soon as possible after the move is highly recommended.

Why You Need Your Locksmith on Moving Day?

Moving day is always stressful and tiring and there is so much to do, but that is no reason to postpone your locksmith. Schedule his visit for a couple of hours after the delivery time, so the doors will be clear to work on.

Make sure that your locksmith changes all your locks on moving day, so you can have peace of mind in your new home from day one.

You might also be required by your insurance company to have your locks changed so that you have done everything you can to secure your property and prevent burglary.

Your locksmith should have a list of all the locks to replace and any repairs that need to be made to damaged locks on windows and doors throughout the house, garage and other structures on the property.

Why You Need Your Locksmith After the Move?

If your locksmith was not able to install your security systems on moving day they can do so soon after.

The locksmith can also do a thorough examination of all windows and doors to ensure that they have all been properly installed and are sound and secure and go over other parts of the property when you are under less stress and have more time.


We hope that your move goes smoothly and we are always happy to help you with all your locksmith needs for your new home.

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