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One of the major services that people often look to professional locksmith Sacramento technicians for is that of a lock change service. These services are not just for the homeowner, but also include businesses, renters, and even car lock repair. A lock change can be a wise action to take when dealing with many situations including: a lost house key, a burglary, a broken lock or key, and any changes in residents of a home. Many people over look the importance of getting a quality lock change in Sacramento when concerning security, but the locks of the home are the first line of defense against criminals. When moving into a new apartment or home, dealing with a crime, or simply making sure your defenses are solid get a lock change that will keep your keys and locks unique to the world.

How Does A Lock Change Work?

Lock changes can be conducted in various ways? There are full replacements, where the door-handle or lock fixture is actually removed and a new one is installed. And then there are lock “rekeying” processes, where the inner mechanics of the lock (including pins and springs) are reconfigured to make the lock’s “code” unique once again. These processes are both simple projects when undertaken by professionals and can be completed in one appointment, which makes them convenient AND effective.

Types of Locks Serviced

Locksmith Sacramento has provided many lock change services over the years focusing upon building our reliable, dependable services. We have built our knowledge and experience in everything from rekeying master lock systems to installing new commercial deadbolts in residences. Business owners can increase their security systems and access control with simple lock changes or lock replacement services in Sacramento. Additionally our technicians can provide support installing or replacing ignitions in vehicles—a car ignition often needs to be replaced around every ten years. Of our many lock change services this is not all Locksmith Sacramento technicians are ready and able to provide. You can get help for many situations including the following locksmith services:
• Lost key,
• lock replacement in Sacramento,
• Sacramento transponder key programming,
• CCTV, full camera surveillance design and installation.
• Expert lock picking.
• Key Cutting
• High security locks installation in Sacramento,
• Open trunk services in Sacramento,
• Ignition key replacement in Sacramento,
• Lock Rekeying in Sacramento
With tools and software to program and reconfigure security systems and high-tech key systems as well as the knowledge of the most basic locks and keys we’re happy to assist in the way we can.