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Attractive Cars Survey

Attractive Cars
We all know that there are types of cars men like to see women in and ones which make the men in them more attractive to women. Here are the results of a survey conducted showing what vehicles attractive men ride, what kind of vehicles attractive women ride in and which vehicles you should keep away from if you want to make yourself attractive to the opposite sex.

According to the survey women think attractive men ride black ford pickups. Men on the other hand tend to think that attractive women ride red BMW sport cars. This type of car is definitely a favorite among women who feel good about themselves and wish to ride in a car that portrays this.
Women graded mail trucks as the type of vehicle least likely to be used by an attractive man. Men graded a green minivan as the type of vehicle they feel least likely to find an attractive woman in.

The results of the survey shows that 32% of women expect to find attractive men in pickups, 27% feel they are most likely to find an attractive man in a sports car, 16% think attractive men ride in SUVs, only 11% think sedans may be the chariots of attractive men. 9% of women think hybrids or electric cars will be driven by attractive men, 4% feel this way about UPS trucks, 2% about minivans and a mail truck comes in last with only 1% of women expecting to find an attractive man in them.

so far as brands go women ranked Fords first, then Chevrolets and Porches. Most women think attractive men ride black cars followed by silver and then red.

Men ranked these cars for attractive women, 39% sports cars, 22% sedans, 20% SUVs, 10% pickup trucks, 6% hybrid or electric vehicles, 4% minivans.

Men think attractive women are most likely to ride BMWs, then Mercedes-Benzes and porches.

The top color of vehicles for attractive women, at least so far as men think, is red, then black and silver.